Personal Protection (Woman’s Self Defense)

Basic: 4 hours
​Description: This is a 4 hour hands on training seminar. Striking vital and weak areas of the body will be a key focus of the Seminar. In addition hold releases (bear hug, head locks, grabbing clothing, etc) will be covered in detail. This program was created for women by a female defensive tactics instructor. These techniques are designed to create windows of escape, and if escape cannot be achieved, students will learn how to transition to self defense tools such as: weapons of opportunity, handguns, pepper spray and other legal force options.
Advanced: 8 hours 
​ Description:  The advanced Personal Protection (Woman’s Self Defense) seminar picks up where the basic seminar left off. By completing the basic class the student has all the needed building blocks to excel in the advanced training. Added striking and methods of escape will be covered. In addition dynamic simulation drills will be added.  Theses drills involve a trainer wearing a padded suit and other protective gear to role play as an attacker.