ZNN Tactical Training Team, LLC.

The Science of Pressure Points and Self-Defense

AKJU Karate School 42 E 2nd St Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

September 15, 2018


$30/life members  $40/regular students

Introductory Course:  2 hours

12 yrs.+

This course will cover strategies and tactics that are reality based, court defensible, and cost effective. It is designed to blend with a person’s natural abilities as well as different martial arts systems.

Lunch:  12:00pm-1:00pm **pack your lunch**

Advanced Course:  2 hours

12 yrs.+

Students must complete the morning course in order to attend the afternoon class. This course will introduce concepts and strategies that will aid as a force multiplier in techniques categorized as striking and control holds. The student will also be able to create opportunities for escape or escalate to life saving use of force options.

Bring:  a training partner, pen and paper, water, towel, appropriate clothing here.