ZNN Tactical Training Team, LLC.

Weapons Retention Class for CCW permit holders:

12/17/2018     5pm-8pm


*Maximum 20 people

Archery World USA 

​40 Arndt Court

Fairfield, Ohio 45014

​To register contact:

William Lawson

​(513) 635-8036


​Training supplies provided by ZNN Tactical. No live weapons of any kind will be permitted in the training area.

Students will need to show their current CCW permit.

Course description:  Students will learn basic and advanced weapons retention techniques and concepts designed to counter common handgun take away attempts. Holstered and unholstered assaults will be addressed in detail. Students will train with handgun replicas and strike padded targets in the final phases of the course.

​For​ additional information, feel free to contact us at:  zane@tacticaltrainingteam.com

We had an excellent time at the Pressure Point Seminar! Thanks to the AKJU for hosting!​​