ZNN Tactical Training Team, LLC.

Pepper Spray Training for Law Abiding Citizens​
4 hours

OC (oleoresin capsicum), commonly known as pepper spray, is an outstanding choice for a self-defense tool.  But, without proper training and knowledge of its tactical benefits and limitations the person deploying it can find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for. Students will be trained in the use of pepper spray as a self-defense tool. Dynamic simulation drills with training inert canisters are a key part of the curriculum. Upon completion of this course attendees will have the knowledge to select products that best suit their needs for self-defense purposes.
The course was designed by Zane Nickell and is vendor neutral (not governed or restricted by a specific manufacturer). Mr. Nickell has 20+ years experience with self defense sprays and is considered an expert on this topic.  He has taught user and instructor courses for law enforcement and military personnel at the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, as well as independent security organizations.
**No live agents are used in these classes nor are students sprayed with live OC. Contamination with pepper spray is not mandatory.**

Women’s Self-Defense

Personal Protection (Women’s Self-Defense) Basic:
4 hours

​This is a hands-on training seminar. Striking vital and weak areas of the body will be a key focus of the Seminar. In addition, hold releases (bear hug, head locks, grabbing clothing, etc) will be covered in detail. This program was created for women by a female Defensive Tactics Instructor. The techniques are designed to create windows of escape and, if escape cannot be achieved, students will learn how to transition to self-defense tools such as: weapons of opportunity, handguns, pepper spray, and other legal force options.

Personal Protection (Women’s Self-Defense) Advanced:

8 hours

​ The Advanced Personal Protection (Women’s Self-Defense) Seminar picks up where the Basic Seminar leaves off. By completing the basic class the student has all the needed building blocks to excel in the advanced training. Added striking and methods of escape will be covered. In addition, dynamic simulation drills will be added.  Theses drills involve a trainer wearing a padded suit and other protective gear to role play as an attacker.