ZNN Tactical Training Team, LLC.

Firearms Training Courses

Customized training for groups, individuals, and fraternal organizations is available. Courses can be combined or specialized to fit your needs.
For more information on these courses feel free to contact us.

CCW Training
8 hours

We have a pool of instructors that teach this topic that are certified through the Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy (OPOTA).  All of our courses meet and/or exceed training requirements set forth by the state of Ohio.

Hand Gun Weapon Retention (CCW Permit Owners)
​8 hours

If you have a valid concealed weapon permit, then you need this class. This class focuses on one thing, keeping control of your gun.  Key Topics: holsters, weapon operation, body mechanics, and use of defensive tools. Force on force simulation drills will complete the course.

Weapons Take Away (Stripping) Tactics
​8 hours

Having a firearm pointed at you or fighting for control of one is bad enough. Add in a factor of no training and the outcome only gets worse.  Students in this class will learn tactics designed to take away/control handguns or long guns (shotguns, etc.) in a close quarters setting. Force on force simulation drills in combination with RED-MAN striking drills will complete the course.