Training Motto

The Length Of Your Mistakes Will Match The Depths Of Your Wounds 
Copyright 1997 To Present By Zane Nickell

About Us:
Zane Nickell created the ZNN Tactical Training Team LLC in May of 2012. The goal was to recruit trainers that would use their military, public safety and or martial art skills to train law abiding citizens to better defend themselves in real world conditions. A vast amount of research went into developing the curriculum for each course that we offer. This research has helped us create courses that create the maximum benefit for each participant based on their particular needs. This research has led myself and fellow trainers to develope training that is mobile. Rather than have a fixed training center that students would have to travel to, our courses are designed in a lecture and seminar format. We have invested in a number of training technologies and dynamic simulation gear and related materials to offer both force on force training and advanced academic learning. We conduct training for organizations ranging from individuals wanting to protect themselves in the ever changing dangerous world to individuals or agencies requiring certified training within the profession of law enforcement, corrections, private security and the armed forces. 

ZNN Tactical Training Team LLC  Copyright 2012 To PresentBy Zane Nickell